Speed Roller Skates

6 products

    6 products
    black Racer Speed Roller Skate
    White Black
    Racer Quad Speed Skate Boots
    Rs. 13,500.00
    durolite-white Racer Carbon Racer Speed Skate Boots
    Durolite White Leather Black
    Racer Carbon Speed Skate Boots
    Rs. 22,000.00
    Black/White White/Black
    Racer U-Cut Quad Skate Package
    Rs. 21,000.00
    Racer Quad Speed Skate Package
    Rs. 21,000.00

    Buy Bont speed roller skates. Bont has a wide range of quad roller speed skates, perfect for all boys and girls, men and women for indoor skating, outdoor skating or rink skating near me. In the late 80's and early '90s Bont roller speed skates dominated the roller skating world championships. Our lightweight construction was a revolution in the roller skate industry. Bont is an expert in making custom speed roller skates. Buy the best and fastest speed quad roller skates.

    Bont speed roller skates are all made by hand and use either a carbon fiber or fiberglass base. The boots are super lightweight. Bont roller speed skates are made with the highest levels of craftsmanship. Every detail from the eyelet to the lace has been carefully chosen to give you the best speed roller skate.


    We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.