Inline Skate Bearings

10 products

    10 products
    JESA 608 CERAMIC Inline Speed Skating Bearing
    Jesa 608 Ceramic Inline Skate Bearings
    from Rs. 30,680.00
    Electronic Inline Bearing Cleaner
    Rs. 8,400.00
    608 ABEC 7 Inline Skate Bearings
    Sale price Rs. 6,500.00Regular price Rs. 7,670.00 Save Rs. 1,170
    688 Mini Inline Bearing Adapters
    Rs. 2,240.00
    688 Mini Inline Cylinder Spacers
    Rs. 2,240.00
    688 Mini Inline Skate Bearings
    from Rs. 11,000.00
    125mm Inline Skate Bearing press Gold
    Sale price Rs. 5,000.00Regular price Rs. 6,600.00 Save Rs. 1,600
    Bont PRO Inline Skate Bearings
    Rs. 9,000.00

    At Bont, we take great pride in producing the best inline speed skate bearings in the world. We partner with the top bearing manufacturers, such as Jesa of Switzerland, to ensure that our inline skate bearings meet the highest standards. We don't settle for anything less than the best, which is why we use premium hardened steel, double polish the inner race, and use extremely precise balls in our manufacturing process. Additionally, our inline skate bearings come packed with light racing oil, which reduces friction and allows for smoother, faster rolling.

    When it comes to testing our inline skate bearings, we don't cut corners. Our professional team of inline speed skaters, as well as our team of professional roller derby skaters, rigorously test our bearings to ensure they can handle the toughest hits and jumps while still providing blazing speed in a straight line. Our bearings have even helped set world records in inline skating, so you can trust that they are of the highest quality.

    At Bont, we pay meticulous attention to every detail when constructing our roller skate bearings. Our Black series and ceramic bearings use high-grade steel, extremely precise balls, and are finely polished to ensure the smoothest and fastest roll possible. If you're looking for the fastest and best skate bearings, look no further than Bont's 608 and 688 bearings.


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