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    Bont roller skate quad wheels are specifically designed for roller skating, roller derby, speed skating, and park skating. These wheels offer exceptional roll, rebound, grip, and wear properties, setting the standard for high-quality roller skate wheels. Bont is renowned for manufacturing the best roller skate wheels in the world. Explore our collection and invest in the top-of-the-line roller skate and roller derby wheels.

    With numerous roller skate wheel brands available in the market, Bont stands out by pushing the boundaries of roller skate wheel design. Our wheels incorporate advanced features such as hot cure urethanes, advanced aluminum hubs, and specialized bearings like our 167 bearings. We are committed to pushing the limits of roller skate wheel technology, enabling skaters to perform at their best. To delve deeper into the process of making Bont roller skate wheels, check out our blog post on Roller Skate Wheels - Royal Assassin. It provides valuable insights into the intricate craftsmanship behind our world-class roller skate wheels. For a glimpse into the future of roller skate wheels, read our blog post on 3D printed roller skate wheels.

    Choosing the Right Roller Skate Wheels

    Roller skate wheels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, hardness levels, and designs. Here are some general guidelines for selecting the best roller skate wheels:

    • If you're skating outdoors for recreational purposes, on surfaces like the beach or concrete, opt for fairly soft roller skate wheels around 78a hardness. These wheels are versatile and perfect for fun-filled skating experiences.
    • For indoor skating, it's best to consult with fellow skaters or rink staff to determine the appropriate hardness level based on the rink's surface and any coatings applied. Typically, a durometer range of 92a to 100a is recommended for indoor skating.
    • Consider your body weight when choosing roller skate wheels. Lighter skaters can use softer wheels, while heavier individuals may benefit from harder wheels. For example, a lightweight skater weighing 50kg/60kg or 110lb/140lb would typically opt for 92a wheels on a grippy floor. For skaters weighing 70kg/80kg or 150lb/190lb, a 95a wheel or higher is suitable. Skaters weighing 90kg or 200lb and above can consider a 98a wheel.
    • If the skating rink has a slippery surface, softer wheels provide better grip, while harder wheels are preferable for grippy surfaces, offering enhanced speed.

    Roller skate wheels are measured for hardness using the Shore scale. Harder wheels tend to have less surface contact, resulting in a slipperier ride compared to softer wheels. It's important to find the right balance that provides comfort and performance during use.

    Two scales are commonly used for roller skate wheels:

    A scale: used for urethane compound wheels

    D scale: used for plastic compound wheels

    These different materials require separate scales to measure their hardness accurately. Additionally, hardness measurements may vary between U.S. and European standards.


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